Strategic planning

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Strategic planning

We don’t start with a completely blank slate. In order to make the best possible decisions for the future, we start by taking stock of the current plan. This allows us to consider goals and strategies for transitioning from where we are now to where we want to be in the future. So let’s get started!

  1. 1. What have we done?

    Assessing the achievements of the previous plan. What worked? What can we improve?

  2. 2. Where are we now?

    Strategic analysis of the environment in which TFO evolves to identify opportunities according to major societal trends.

  3. 3. Where do we want to go?

    Developing the new vision.

  4. 4. How will we get there?

    Ideation of strategic scenarios and definition of major initiatives for the implementation of a new three-year plan.


A company’s vision paves the way for action by indicating where we want to go in the future.

TFO’s new vision is aligned with the goals we want to achieve by 2025 and is characterized by its openness. At its heart is TFO’s team, the people who collectively build our organization every day.

It underscores the values that govern our actions and allow our audiences to take ownership of TFO’s work: equality, inclusion, diversity, and valuing our shared history, the roots of our work.

By rigorously following these steps and refining our thinking as we go along, we can confirm our major issues, our vision, our preferred strategic scenario, our implementation plan and our budget planning.

In short, this an integrated planning methodology that we adopt.

Fulfilling our mandate

Respond to defined needs

Improve organizational health and climate

Strengthen our connections and relationships with our Ontarian and Canadian audiences and partners

Ensure the outreach of Groupe Média TFO

What is a strategic plan?

With the company’s mandate, mission and values underpinning its creation, a strategic plan aligns internal and external activities for a given period. The goal? To build the future of the organization by mobilizing teams around a common vision.

At the foundation of any strategic plan are objectives defined for the medium and long term, along with a series of strategies developed to achieve them.

Our strategic plan outlines not only the path TFO is taking, but also the means to get there. The plan guides and inspires us every day.

At TFO, our activities follow a three-year strategic plan. This allows us to respond appropriately to rapidly evolving media, audiovisual production, education and our markets, and to the new consumption habits of our audiences.

What is a mandate?

A mandate is a set of guiding principles that direct the company’s activities: their nature, their objectives and their scope. A organization that is given a mandate is accountable for achieving it through the implementation of effective strategies and tactics to serve its audiences.

As a public agency of the Ministry of Education of Ontario (MEO), Groupe Média TFO (TFO) provides a range of public services to support the activities of the MEO and to fulfill its assigned educational and cultural mandate.



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Steps at a Glance

March 2021

Launch of the work project

July 2021

Strategic scenarios are presented to the Board of Directors of Groupe Média TFO

August 2021

Internal (TFO staff) and external (partners) consultations

October 2021

Official validation of the strategic plan by the Board of Directors of Groupe Média TFO

March 2022

Final adoption of the strategic plan and its performance indicators