Cultivating a love of learning

Every day, TFO creates original stories to shape our collective future and cultivate a love of learning. With us, every day, new generations of Canadians develop their skills, human values and social consciousness. Children and youths are being prepared to become enlightened digital citizens, curious about new knowledge and ready to proudly conquer the job market that awaits them.

Love of Learning

Ability to develop curiosity and the desire to discover new knowledge and expand one’s fields of knowledge.

Our Mission

Rooted in the diversified Francophone community of Ontario, and focusing on its needs and interests, Groupe Média TFO offers avant-garde educational and cultural content to learners, parents and teachers. Through its activities, it cultivates a love of learning and celebrates the French fact in Ontario and elsewhere.


A company’s mission, a reflection of its mandate, consists of a description of its main activities. It shows a company’s positive contribution to its community and society. It is the company’s purpose.

TFO’s is intentionally inclusive:

  • gender-neutral terminology
  • learners of all ages
  • educational and cultural
  • Francophone pride in all aspects of our lives

French Fact

Refers to the linguistic pride of the Francophone community and the protection and promotion of the French language, its heritage and French-language services, particularly in minority language settings.

Our Values

The values that underpin all our activities are respect, leadership, creativity, initiative, innovation and ambition.


They represent the company and its organizational culture. Staff must therefore share common values, which frame the work environment, behaviours and culture of the organization.

Values guide recruitment as well as internal and external working methods (collaboration practices, work areas, projects, etc.).

Values can be social, societal, moral, skill and/or behavioural, etc.

  • Respect

    The key to collaboration

  • Leadership

    At the cutting edge!

  • Creativity

    Nothing is original, all must be created

  • Initiative

    Encouraging discovery

  • Innovation

    Imagining and creating the future

  • Ambition

    The first step to success